Why us?














Why us?

Katrin Ltd. is one of the leading and fast growing companies in Ukraine.

Our company specializes in providing services in the development, production and promotion of the shop equipment in Ukraine and abroad. The main principle of our company is an individual approach to the each client.

Our company offers to our customers the widest range in the designing and manufacturing of the shop equipment including personal development and mass production.

Our main partners are the FMCG companies. Katrin produces the shop equipment that purposed for the implementation in such market areas as linear shops and markets, VIP shops and HoReCa.

Katrin Ltd. also produces shop equipment individually for a retail outlet. Based on the size of retail space our company can offer you a list of services for development of the essential equipment that will meet the most depending expectations.

Ordering our shop equipment, our customers get the best quality in the shortest time and with the best price.
All our production is producing from the best materials of the following brands: LiminatedChipboard (kronospan, swisspan), glass (glass Lisichansk, PINKILTON), acrylic (Plexiglas Dzerzhinsk, Palsan, Palglass), vinyl chloride polymer (VCP) (Simona, Stroflex), Polycarbonate (Polygall, Marlon), Monolithic polycarbonate(Monogal, Polygall, Marlon), furniture accessories manufacturers, PVC edge banding of any thickness and colors, etc.

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